Morris Climate Dialogues

Anna Pratt is a senior at UMM

The Center for Small Towns has been working for the past two years on creating research and dialogue surrounding issues of climate, and relating to climate change. University of Minnesota, Morris student Anna Pratt worked at first with Stevens FORWARD! to create a carbon footprint calculator, and after the group was dissolved she continued to work with the Center for Small Towns. CST has always been passionate about creating and facilitating community dialogue on important and relevant issues in small towns.

While Anna has put in lots of time researching climate issues as they affect our neck of the woods in West Central Minnesota, she’s turned her focus towards educating. Anna is now able to help community members calculate their impact through the carbon footprint calculator. The tool she designed is able to help individuals and communities to better assess their carbon footprint and the way that their community’s practices affects the environment.

Since January of 2013 Anna has been working the community discussions and presenting to the Morris Area High School, as well as the national guard and other community gathering spots. She’s traveled beyond Morris too, participating in the Rural Climate Dialogues at the Jefferson Center and Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in St. Paul.

Anna also recently received a National Wildlife Federation (NWF) fellowship for her work with the climate dialogues in Morris. She worked closely with the University of Minnesota, Morris Office of Sustainability and its director Troy Goodnough. CST is always excited to be able to work with other offices on campus and to see students taking on new and engaging projects. 

Without students like Anna CST wouldn’t be the same exciting and vibrant place that it is!

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